Saturday, January 29, 2011

In the beginning, I blamed Disney!

You may be thinking, "Great! Another female blogger telling the world about her struggles as a single (although I prefer the term Swinggle) lady."  Some of your contempt may be warranted, but then I think, "Stop reading."

I come to you as a late twenty-something, moderately intelligent, hilariously passionate woman who feels cheated.  Why, do you ask?  Well, because the movies of my youth lied to me.  I grew up watching the Disney classics and witnessing Princess after Princess ending up with her prince.  Never once has there been a Disney movie where the princess ends up with countless bad dating experiences, an advanced degree, and blogging to the world about her awkwardness in the dating world.  Am I right?  The princesses make it look so easy.  Take Ariel for instance, she doesn't even speak an actual word to Prince Eric until the curse is broken and they just get married.  Maybe that is my problem and the result of my current single status, I talk.  Then there is Sleeping Beauty.  Sure, she's pretty, but the prince just kisses her and knows she's the one?  She then returns his advances without even knowing if he has secured employment or a substance abuse problem?  It sounds good in theory and maybe I'm jealous because I don't have her pizazz, but seriously!!

Life isn't a Disney movie.  There is no happy ending.  I know that, yet I think a part of me still looks for it in some real way.  Disney isn't completely to blame for my stunted relationship abilities; yet, I can't help but think some of my current difficulty goes back to these examples of punch drunk love.  Follow this up with the John Hughes obsession I had in my tweens and adolescence and I'm screwed (and not in a good way, if you know what I mean).  The truth is, I'm a non-princess, slightly inappropriate, modern lady trying to see where I went wrong in my dating blunders and personal choices.  Right now, I walk down the street, listening to my MP3 blasting Queen's "Somebody to Love" and asking myself, "Can anybody really find me, somebody to love?"  


  1. Keep in mind that you never hear anything more about the happy endings of Disney. Sleeping Beauty made a decision after a long nap. Think about it. I have never made a good decision without coffee or hot tea to clear my head. Ariel could not talk. Since when has a woman not expressed her feelings about a situation, okay, maybe in other counties where women have no rights. Snow White just wanted one man taller than she was and whom didn't have a Napolean complex. Cinderella just traded a larger house to clean for nice face to look at. So really, you can wait for that guy that will be tall enough, kind enough, smart enough, and finally, good enough for you.

  2. I agree with Mrs. Ward...we don't actually know how these fairy tales end - I mean, maybe Prince Charming ends up being abusive to Cinderella the same way her stepmother and stepsisters were. Domestic violence happens all the time. Also, I want to point out that the Grimm Brothers, which is where Disney based these stories on, got their ideas from Hans Christian Andersen and let me tell you, the endings were not so happy....Ariel (or the little mermaid) in H.S.A's version??? Turns to foam after the prince gets tricked and picks another princess! So, I don't know..I say wait for the tall, non-abusive guy who will just want to hear all you have to say and you won't even care to take a nap - unless, it's with him...sorry, Mrs. W ;)